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We endeavor to offer the best for value in the products and services for those who care on all aspects of their health; mind body and soul! The word "aruna" in ancient health traditions of India refers to the redness of the rising sun, which is believed to have beneficial spiritual powers for health.
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It is ancient wisdom, that everyone needs to be healthy in body, mind and soul to feel great and thus for happiness to be within every moment our everyday lives.


Playing any sports is the best way to laughter and getting fit and healthy in the process naturally. Our e-shop has great value clothing and accessories for sport, including a great selection of the latest fitness gadgets, natural herbs, honey, protein and ginseng roots and other plant extracts to boost muscle recovery, endurance and vitality .


You will find a great range of yoga products, including yoga mats, balls and accessories, as well as massage mats, headbands, sports bottles, bags, books, videos, music and many other useful items to deal and develop the “mind” aspects of health.

Siddha Health

We are endeavoring to create an e-shop that contains a great selection of Siddha and world herbs needed as supplement for modern living and for sporting activities . Our bespoke spiritual journeys to India for soul awakening is a guaranteed mystical experience. Amazing …! Contact us today to join in our next adventure, relaxation and spiritual trip to India.